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10-08-2017 --  Photos of the 2017 Mini-Reunion posted.  See Reunion Photos .

  As more information becomes available, I will post it here.

Message from Carol Johnson, our class CEO:

I have a block of 12 rooms reserved at the Dakota Sioux Casino for
Wednesday Sept 20 - 24th
Cost  for Wednesday & Thursday  $47.00 plus tax
Friday & Saturday   $63.00 plus tax
September 5th is the last day to reserve the room.

Reservations call 605 927 9014

See you in September, 2017.

Contact Carol at johnsonca03@gmail.com


WHS Class of 1961

55th Reunion Sept 21 – Sept 25, 2016

Wed Sept 21 - Check In & Socialize

Dakota Sioux Hotel & Casino 605-882-2051           877-250-2121

Thurs Sept 22 - 1 PM - Build the float - Tom LaFramboise Garage  4709 North Highway 20

Thurs Sept 22 - 7:00 PM - -  Barn Dance:  Host/Hostess Larry and Lynn Schaefer

  Kranz Barn 2137 29th St. - South of Walmart  BYOB - $5 cover

Friday Sept 23 - 1 PM  - Ki-Yi parade Parking lot 

*After parade - A toast at Duffy’s Lounge on North Broadway - Its tradition!

Friday Sept 23 - 7 PM Football Game/Social night at the Prop

Saturday Sept 24 - 8:30 AM Golf outing - Municipal Golf Course

   5:00 PM – Class picture on old library steps            5:30 PM – Cocktails Ramkota

6:30 - Celebration Dinner : Ramkota Tanglewood Room 

RSVP  Judi Hase  jhase@mwpower.net


The new address is http://watertownclassof61.net -- our very own domain name!  Make sure you save the new address in your "favorites."  Since there may be updates periodically, try "refreshing" your pages occasionally to see if something new has been added.


 We are moving--to a new web server-- because I lost the free web space we were using previously.  I'm checking out the possibility that we can buy our own domain name--something like Watertownclassof61--so that the address will be easier to remember.  Get back to you on that.  In the meantime, the pictures accumulated in the past year are slowly but surely getting processed and hopefully posted here before long.  I'll have more time for doing this when I retire in the May.  : )


News about Up-Coming Reunions for 2009 and 2010 and 2011.

 Mini Reunions are held in Watertown every year during most high school homecoming events.
Please contact Judi Cutler Hase at jhase@mwpower.net or POB 151874, Ely, NV 89315 
or Doug Zamow at goldflinger@yahoo.com for more details. 
2009:  Sept 17th  6:00  Chili Dogs at Dairy Queen (Tradition)
          Sept 18th  6:00  Prop  (Parade and Homecoming game)
          Sept 19th  6:00 Cocktails  7:00 Dinner  Lunkers (Old Club 20)
Plans are in the works for the grand and golden 50th reunion in 2011.  It  will be held during September's homecoming also.  Please be sure Judi Cutler Hase has your correct email and/or street address.    


Photos from the 45th Reunion, 2006 have been posted.  Just follow this link to see them.  Enjoy!

The message board and chat room pages have been deleted since, as far as I know, no one is using them any more.  If any classmates wish to continue using them, contact one of the addresses at the bottom of the page, and we will restore them immediately.

Lots of photos posted--from our Fall 2003 60th Birthday/WHS Homecoming Mini-reunionCLICK HERE to see them.  A few minor changes in layout were also made--such as a separate Reunion Photos Index added to clarify where the photos for each individual reunion are located, including recently discovered photos from the 20th Reunion.

Ruthie Paine Kadlec dug through her photo archives and found more photos of the 40th Reunion CLICK HERE to see them.  There are also a couple new ones in the Stony Point and golf tournament sections.

New section created to display photos of our Summer '02 Mini-Reunion for the Class of '61 in Watertown on July 12-13.  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Click that REFRESH/RELOAD button to see the new photos added to the "Reunion Photos" section--including a whole new page of Ramkota photos!

Six more photos added to the "Reunion Photos" section.  Remember to click the "refresh/reload" button to see the new ones.

Updated "The Way We Were" (another confirmation photo, plus missing information added) and "Class Directory" (another "lost" classmate found--Gayle Small). 

A WHS '61 Message Board and a WHS '61 Live Chat Room have been added to our website.  For more information on the message board, CLICK HERE.  For more information on the chat room, CLICK HERE.
More photos have been added to "The Way We Were" section.

Many new photos added today.  Enjoy.  Warning:  First page of reunion photos may be a bit slow-loading--lots of KB space taken up with those large photos.  Just WAIT.

The 40th Reunion

The 40th Reunion (July 20-21, 2001) was a blast.  Over 100 classmates showed up, and you never saw such a touchy-feely group.  Everybody was hugging everybody while exclaiming, "Oh, it's you!" We all looked great, but definitely different than we used to.  There was a lot of squinting at those name tags sporting our high school pictures (most helpfully supplied by Judi Cutler Hase).

Our Thursday evening pre-reunion get-together at the Ramkota Lounge attracted about 30 early birds.  Stony Point on Friday evening brought out a big crowd and awakened lots of memories.  (Thanks Conda Simons Williams for hosting us at The Prop.) 

The Saturday morning golfers ran into some weather problems, but they hung in there and, due to Dick Wright's skillful planning, had fun (and got sunburned). Other classmates toured the amazing Terry Redlin Center.  If you haven't been back to Watertown recently, you must go see it on your next visit.

The Saturday evening buffet was the high point.  Good food, tributes to departed classmates, comedy routines, memories shared, and a lot of laughter.  Bob Fleming was a great master-of-ceremonies. We even closed the evening with the cheerleaders leading us in our high school song. (I confess--I didn't remember the words.) 

Reunion Chairman Doug Zamow did a fantastic job organizing the reunion.  He was assisted by Dick Wright who (among other things) made the "Remember When" PowerPoint presentation and by Jane Miner who put together the Terry Redlin Center tour and that wonderful "Then and Now" class booklet we were all pouring over.  And what would we have done without Judi Cutler's e-mails--better than Prozac!

Our thanks also to the following for their able assistance:  Janice Brooks Jones, Doreen Schull Feeney, Paul Sigelman, Ruth Burchatz Swenson, Carol Hemstock Johnson, Shirley Deke Cates, and Jack Erickson.

Reunion Photos

40th Reunion Day (July 21, 2001) was hot and humid, but this jolly crew
didn't seem to mind. 
[Photo by Express Photo in Watertown, SD:  605-882-1670] 

Hey, folks.  We want some of your reunion photos to post on these web pages. I saw cameras flashing all over the room. In the meantime, click on the following links to see the start of our Class of '61 Photo Album.

  • 40th Reunion Photo--the "official" 40th reunion class photo (with classmates identified).

  • Reunion Photos: Index--each reunion listed separately, all the way back to the 20th reunion.  Recent mini-reunions also listed.

In Memoriam

Click here to see the images from the PowerPoint presentation Judi Cutler Hase created for the 40th Reunion in memory of our departed schoolmates and friends.

As Jack Erickson said at the dinner invocation, "They are remembered."

Contact Your Classmates


To e-mail us, click here:  Your Webmistress Kathy

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