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50th Reunion 2011

WHS Class of '61

Page 2.  Dairy Queen and Barn Dance

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Peg McGrann Bosch and Dick Wright are ready for the
traditional chili dog lunch.
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Gourmet dining at the Dairy Queen.  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Name tag pick-up at the Barn Dance supervised by Carol Fauss Gauker
and Charlie Gauker. 
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Picking up the name-tags so we can tell who's who.  (Photo by Judi Cutler Hase)


Having fun at the Barn Dance--Marilyn Ward Timmerman, Karen Young Pulscher,
and Dee Fiskvik Berg
.  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


 More happy partiers--Dodie McGrann Brown, Tim Sheil, and Janice Brooks Jones 
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Cool!  A bunch of 69ers tripping the light fantastic at the Barn Dance.  
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


More dancing and chatting.  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Others engaged in deep talk--like Dave Linngren and Arvid Frankenhoff.
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Phyllis Heiser Hartwig and Jane Miner.  (Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


More dancing.  (Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Dave McFarland and Karolyn Fritz Skoglund dancing.  (Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


What's the secret, Bob Fleming?  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Leon Neilsen,  Charlie Gauker,  [ ? ], Jill Thompson Ekstrum, and Doug Zamow. 
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Tim and Lynn Reese Sheil.  (Photo by Judi Cutler Hase)


Cathy Coplan Johnson and Rosemary Blizzard Tudor. 
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Mike Davis, Vivien Veldhuizen Janes, and Phyllis Heiser Hartwig.
 (Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Lynn Bartron Schaefer, Larry Kellogg, Patti Linngren, and Karen Young Pulscher.
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Catching up on the past and present.  (Photo by Judi Cutler Hase)


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