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50th Reunion 2011

WHS Class of '61

Page 3.  More Barn Dance Partying

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Thanks to our newest newlyweds, Larry and Lynn (Bartron) Schaefer,
for hosting the barn dance shindig.
 (Photo by Dave Belatti)


These guys are all legit--and their name tags prove it!   Mike Frothinger,
Leon Nielsen, Butch Kaaz, Tom LaFramboise. 
(Photo by Dave Belatti)


Lots of re-acquainting going on.  (Photo by Leon Neilsen)


Here's one of our photographers,
Dave Belatti
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)

And here's the other photographer,
Peg McGrann Bosch
(Photo by Peg's camera)


Karolyn Fritz Skoglund and Larry Kellogg.  (Photo by Dave Belatti)


Susan Freeburg Kleine, Susie Woodward Tracey, Jane Miner, and
Marilyn Ward Timmerman. 
(Photo by Dave Belatti)


Mike Davis must really tell a good joke, or so Butch Kaaz and wife seem to think. 
(Photo by Dave Belatti)


Jill Thompson Ekstrum and Phyllis Heiser Hartwig. 
(Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Dayton Dunn, Bonnie Laurence Voelsch, Dexter Forsberg and wife. 
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Gene Voelsch and Leon Neilsen.  (Photo by Dave Belatti)


Larry Stevenson, Judi Cutler Hase, and Dave McFarland.  (Photo by Dave Belatti)


Shirley Deke Cates, David McElhaney, and Charlotte Brogren McElhaney.
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Mike Tegart, Susan Freeburg Kleine and husband John (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Doug ? and Kathleen Sheehan Rausch.  (Photo by Dave Belatti)


Good eats too.  (Photo by Leon Neilsen)


Eddy Laue family.  (Photo by Judi Cutler Hase)


And they partied on into the night!  (Photo by Dave Belatti)


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