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50th Reunion 2011

WHS Class of '61

Page 4.  Creating our Masterpiece

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The dedicated workers arrive, coffee in hand--Susan Freeburg Kleine,
Larry Schafer, and Richard MacNaboe?
   (Photo by Paul McCune)


Cathy Coplan Johnson and Judy Fox McCune remembered to
bring along some school spirit also. 
(Photo by Paul McCune)


Here's two guys ready for work: Mike Davis and  [ ? ] .  (Photo by Paul McCune)


Gotta transform this flatbed into a magnificent beauty!  (Photo by Paul McCune)


Charlie Gauker readies the glitter.  (Photo by Paul McCune)


Good job on the sign, fellas!  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


This is a group that knows how to work!  (Photo by Paul McCune)


Judy Cutler Hase and Dodie McGrann Brown work on that
purple fringe. 
(Photo by Paul McCune)


What to do with this extra purple fringe?  (Photo by Paul McCune)


No, no, no, Marilyn--that's going overboard! 
(Photo by Paul McCune)


That's it--enough horsing around.  Back to work. 
(Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Cool Kampeska sweatshirt, Janice.  Does Judi's sparkling crown make
 her Queen of the Float?  Well, I guess so!
  (Photo by Paul McCune)


Load those chairs, and our masterpiece is ready to go. 
(Photo by Paul McCune)


Eh, Doug, the fringe goes on the float, not on you! 
(Photo by Paul McCune)


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