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50th Reunion 2011

WHS Class of '61

Page 5.  Our Masterpiece on Display

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Everybody ready?  When do we start?  (Photo by Paul McCune)


Wait a minute--we're not quite ready yet!  (Photo by Paul McCune)


This group isn't sweating it.  (Photo by Paul McCune)


We're ready--let's go!  (Photo by Paul McCune)


There it is--our float in all its magnificence!  And the autumn weather
was perfect too! 
(Photo by Paul McCune)


 Charlie Gauker and Dick Wright stand proudly at the head of the float.
(Photo by Jan Hanson Moberg)


(Row 1)  Mike Davis, Larry Kellogg, Dave Belatti.
(Row 2)  Arvid Frankenhoff, Karolyn Fritz Skoglund, Peg McGrann Bosch.
(Row 3)  Dave Linngren.   (Photo by Jan Hanson Moberg)


Bringing up the rear in style are Penny McAtee Slezak, Dee Fiskvik Berg, Dave McFarland,
Susan Freeburg Kleine, and Doug Zamow. 
(Photo by Paul McCune)


Thanks to Tom LaFramboise, owner and driver of this shiny blue pick-up,
 and of the flatbed to transport our masterpiece also.
(Photo by Paul McCune)


View from the front.  (Photo by Paul McCune)


Mugging it up for their camera fans!  (Photo by Paul McCune)


Joann Peterson Charleton and Rozanne Lange Winger certainly are enjoying the parade.  
(Photo by Paul McCune)


Right side of float.  (Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Other side of the float.  (Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Post-parade refreshments at Duffy's Lounge on N. Broadway.
(Photo by Paul McCune)


A great afternoon enjoyed by Lynn Bartron Schaefer and Kathy Erickson.
(Photo by Paul McCune)


More float and parade photos by Judy Fox
 McCune's husband Paul at Paul's Gallery


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