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50th Reunion 2011

WHS Class of '61

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Sidney Morrison?  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Rozanne Lange Winger (Photo by Judi Cutler Hase)


Larry Schaefer  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Judi Cutler Hase (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Susan Freeburg Kleine (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Gene Johnson (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Susie Woodward Tracey (Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Kathleen Sheehan Rausch and Cathie Coplan Johnson  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Pixy Olsen Russell, Judy Hauff, and Janice Steinkogler Day (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


At the Prop.  Gotta get me a Stony Point sweatshirt like Conda's
next year!
(Photo by Leon Neilsen)


Alan Rogers, Larry Kellog, and Mike Frothinger (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Looks like a firm pact among friends Dennis Englestad, [?] ,
and Leon Neilsen. 
(Photo by Leon Neilsen)


John Davies hosting a get-together honoring military veterans.
(Photo by Leon Neilsen)


Bob Fleming  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Dick Wright, Gene Johnson, and David McElhaney  (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)



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