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50th Reunion 2011

WHS Class of '61

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Ruth Burchatz Swenson and Phyllis Heiser Hartwig at Jane Miner's Meet
 and Greet at the restored Goss Opera House.
(Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Ruth Burchatz Swenson and Terry Haney Carpenter checking out
Jane Miner's high school display. 
(Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Phyllis Heiser Hartwig, Karen Young Pulscher, and Lois  Tesch Greenfield
  (Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Carol Hemstock Johnson and Janice Steinkogler Day
(Photo by Suzanne Hartwig)


Goss Opera House restoration (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Goss Opera House restoration (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Janice Brooks Jones (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


While introducing speakers Dodie McGrann and Bruce Loessin,
Judi Cutler Hase performed the marvellous feat of invoking from
the ceiling Voices of Reunions Past. 
(Photo by Leon Neilsen)


Cheerleaders Lynn Reese Sheil, Lynn Bartron Schaefer, Kathy McGrann, 
Patti Linngren, Susan Freeburg Kleine led the room in a mighty cheer. 
(Photo by Susie Woodward Tracey)


Tom LaFramboise and wife.  Tom had
the class in stitches with his song.
(Photo by Susie Woodward Tracey)


Bruce Loessin addresses the class. 
(Photo by Susie Woodward Tracie)


Judy Hauf sings closing song.
(Photo by Susie Woodward Tracey)


Ken? and Joan Mitchell Busch (Photo by Peg McGrann Bosch)


Our Class of 61 CEO Judi Cutler Hase and Chairman Doug Zamow.  (Photo by Leon Neilsen)



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