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50th Reunion 2011

WHS Class of '61

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Here are some new photos just recently submitted to be posted on our webpages.  I think they are all from the same reunion (the 50th) because I know Judy Hanson Carpenter has better taste in shirts than to wear that cool one two reunions in a row!  (Just teasing, Judy.)

Back row (left to right):  ? , Mike Frohinger, David Belatti, Paul Langenfeld , ? , Doug Zamow, ? .

Middle row:  Jim Murphy, Alan Rogers, Bob Fleming, Kathleen Sheehan Rausch, Cathy Coplan Johnson,
 Judy Fox, Joan Mitchell Busch, Diane Huke, Kathy McGrann Zender, Judy Hauff.

Front row:  Judy Hanson Carpenter, Gene Johnson, Dodie McGrann Brown, Peg McGrann Bosch,
Rosemary Blizzard Tudor.


Front row:  Heather Paterson Hankin, Susan Freeburg Kleine, Bruce Loessin, Peg McGrann Bosch.

Back Row:  Bob Butterbrodt, Dave McFarland


Dave Belatti and Steve ?


John Davies


Gene and Bonnie Laurence Voelsch


Bob Butterbrodt, Doug Zamow, and Bob Fleming.


Ready for the Homecoming Game to begin!


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