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Mini-Reunion 2014

WHS Class of '61

Page 1.  Home-Coming Parade

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Page 1.  Home-Coming Parade
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Your webmistress could not attend the reunion and may not be able to identify correctly everyone in the pictures.  Feel free to email any corrections or additions to Kathy Gamill Nichols at knichols11@cox.net .


Waiting for the Homecoming Parade to begin.  (Photo by Mike Dunn)

Back row (left to right): Denny Englestad, Doug Zamow, Jane Miner, Donna Michaels Dunn.

Middle row:  Susan Freeburg Kleine (in blue blouse),   ?    ,    ?    , Shirley Deke Cates,  Ann Zamow.

Front row: Rozanne Lange Winger, Joann Peterson Charleton, Jane Gillis, Susan Woodward's mom,

Susie Woodward Tracy, Dee Fiskvik Berg.


At Duffy's, after the parade.   (Photo by Mike Dunn)

Left-hand side:  Dennis Englestad, Donna Michaels Dunn,  ?  , Alan Rogers, JoAnn Peterson Charleton.

Far-end of table:  Dee Fiskvik Berg and Rozanne Lange Winger.

Right-hand side:   ?  , Susie Woodward Tracy,   Ann Zamow,  Susan Freeburg Kleine.


Lunch at Past Times.  Great conversation.  (Photo by Mike Dunn)

Ann Zamow, Doug Zamow, Donna Michaels Dunn, Susie Woodward Tracy, Larry Schaefer's daughter,

Susan Freeburg Kleine, Jane Gillis, Dee Fiskvik Berg, JoAnn Peterson Charleton.


Donna Michaels Dunn and Susan Woodward Tracey(Photo by Mike Dunn)


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