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Mini-Reunion 2014

WHS Class of '61

Page 2.  Social at Susan's Cottage

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Page 1.  Home-Coming Parade
Page 2.  Social at Susan's Cottage


Susan Freeburg Kleine and husband John, the gracious hosts of the evening social.

(Photo by Mike Dunn)


Doug Rausch, Donna Michaels Dunn, Karen Young Pulscher, Kathleen Sheehan Rausch

(Photo by Mike Dunn)


Larry Schaefer and Doug Rausch,

and Nut Goodies graciously given by Susan Woodward Tracey. 

Biggest hit of the party, according to Donna Michaels Dunn.  (Photo by Mike Dunn)


Doug Zamow and Donna Michaels Dunn debating who gets the leftover Nut Goodies. 

"He won, by the way!" exclaims Donna.   (Photo by Mike Dunn)


Mike Davis observed the squabble bemusedly.  (Photo by Mike Dunn)


Next day, Donna was still exclaiming, "I can't believe you won't let me have those Nut Goodies!

  And wipe that smirk off your face!"  (Photo by Mike Dunn)


Kathleen Sheehan Rausch, JoAnn Peterson Charleton, and Carol Hemstock Johnson

chatting at the Freeburg-Kleine social.  (Photo by Mike Dunn)


More chatterers:  Kathleen Sheehan Rausch, Jane Miner, and JoAnn Peterson Charleton. 

(Photo by Mike Dunn)


These two look more like gigglers rather than chatters: 

Jane Gillis and Susan Freeburg Kleine.  (Photo by Mike Dunn)


Last word of advice from Susan Freeburg Kleine to Doug Zamow as his wife Ann patiently waits!

 (Photo by Mike Dunn)


Foot-longs at the Dairy Queen. Not real good (says Donna) but the company was great!

Left-side:  Donna Michels Dunn; End of table: Jane Gillis;

Right-side:  Doug Zamow and Susan Freeburg Kleine

(Photo by Mike Dunn)


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