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40th Reunion Photos

WHS Class of '61

Page 1. 40th Class Photo, 2001

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With these photos, reminisce over the good times we had at the 40th Reunion and earlier reunions. Even better, e-mail your photos of the 40th Reunion--in .jpg format--to Kathy by clicking here.  Please identify people in your photo and what event.

Official 40th Reunion Photo, WHS Class of '61, 2001
[Photo by Express Photo in Watertown, SD:  605-882-1670]

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(See "close-ups" below.)

Row One:  Donna Michaels, Melva Bruchof, Tim Sheil, Carol Bridge, Lynn Bartron, Janet Hanson, Dodie McGrann, Marilyn Ward, Judy Kranz, Lori Metzger, Ann Nordin, Penny McAtee, Dee Fiskvik, Vivian Veldhuizen

Row Two:  Cleta Arbogast, Joan Mitchell, Kathy McGrann, Charlotte Brogren,  Janice Brooks, Peggy McGrann, Susan Freeburg, Linda Koenders, Jill Thompson,  Phyllis Heiser, Pixy Olsen, Ruth Paine, Susan Woodward, Carol Hemstock

Row Three:  Richard Link,  Wayne Stein, David McElhany, Bob Fleming, Darrell Drumm, Doreen Schull, Gene Johnson, Ruth Burchatz, Terry Haney, Bonnie Laurence, Cathie Coplin, Jan Steinkogler, Jane Miner

Row Four:  Kathy Gamill, Jane Gillis, Sidney Morrison, David Linngren, Jack  Erickson, Jack Hemmer, Carol Larson, Shirley Deke, Ardis Moyer, Conda Simons, Judy True, Mary Brelsford, Heather Paterson

Row Five:  JoAnn Peterson, Bob Butterbrodt, Nick Kass, Jim Murphy, Mike Philps, Doug Lindner, Richard Rossow, Arvid Frankenhof, Judy Turner, Karen  Young

Row Six:  Rozanne Lange, Alan Rogers, Doug Zamow, Dexter Forsberg, Paul Sigelman, Darrold Kaaz, Leon Nielsen, David Belatti, Judi Cutler, David Moore, Ken Haug,  David McFarland

Row Seven:  Jim Knudtson, Richard DeBerg, Tom LaFramboise, Dick Wright, Raymond Achterberg, Dennis Engelstad, Charlie Gauker, Gene Voelsch, Larry Schaefer, Larry Kellogg,  Myron Schultz

Close-up, left half of picture

Close-up, right half of picture

Alternate 40th Reunion Photo, left half
(Photo by Donna Nielsen)

Alternate 40th Reunion Photo, right half
(Photo by Donna Nielsen)


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Watertown High School, Class 1961
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