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The Way We Were

WHS Class of '61

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1961 Yearbook cover. (Submitted by Judi Cutler)

I think this is the 1959-60 basketball team. (Help me out, athletes.)
Row One:  Student manager Pat McGurren, Paul Drenkow, Larry Scheaffer, Roger Fox,
Dave Linngren, Sidney Morrison.  Row Two:  coach?, Ron Wicks, Jerry Miller, Ron Carpenter,
 John Deblon, Bob Michaels, Jim Knudtson, Doug Peterson, Head Coach Jim Marking.
 (Submitted by Ruth Paine)

Since I forgot the words to the school song at the 40th Reunion,
 I thought the least I could do is print them here.

WHS School Song

"We will be true to you dear Watertown,
And we will cheer you on to fame.
And to our colors we'll be loyal
In bringing honor to your name.
So come and sing a song for our school,
A school inspired by loyalty.
And we will promise truly, Watertown,
That we will fight for thee."

National Honor Society, 1960-61.
Judi apologizes for the poor scan and for chopping off half of two
classmates, but says her scanner is hopeless, and besides, Ann
Nordin and Marlene Zander still have more brains than most people.
Row One: (nucleus)  Jim Bard, Janie Miner, Kaye Kranz, Bruce Loessin, Bob Butterbrodt, Heather
Paterson, Janice Steinkogler, Kathy Gamill, Dianne Werth, Pat Leech.  Row Two:  Ann Nordin, Judy
Kranz, Lois Tesch, Janet Hanson, Donna Michaels, Rozanne Lange, Karen Adams, Kathy McGrann,
 Lynn Bartron, Peggy McGrann, Doreen Schull, Dorothy McGrann, Marlene Zander. Row Three:  Doris
 Sanwick, Larry Kellogg, Stanley Michaelson, David McFarland, Myron Schultz, Terry Williams, John
 Davies, Jim Hegstrom.   Missing is Karan Redlin.  (Submitted by Judi Cutler)


Tribute to Stan Rishoi

Thank you to a Watertown High School teacher whose constant quest for excellence produced hundreds of budding musicians.  Mr. Stan Rishoi, your profound influence in my life has helped me through every crisis and  every joyful moment for the past forty years.  You gave me the priceless gift of music and it lives on and on in my heart and voice.   My world has always been a happy and musical  place because I have a song to sing.....and it came from you.   I thank you for that gift Stan!       

Judi Cutler Hase

Waiting for your .jpg photos, folks.
E-mail them to Kathy by clicking here.

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