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Mini-Reunion 2003

WHS Class of '61

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Homecoming Float II
Sunnyside Dinner

Our 60th birthday/class mini-reunion was held during WHS Homecoming (Sept. 18-20, 2003) and was a great success.  We made the most wonderful float--yes, stuffed napkins and everything--and everybody got to ride on it.  Some nitwit judges overlooked our float when it came time to hand out awards, but that's all right.  We know it was the best damned float in the entire parade!!!!! 

We also wined and dined at the old Club 20 and at Sunnyside, and Judi's after-hours hospitality room was roaring with laughter.  (Where do all those 60-year-olds get all that energy?)  As usual, Judi and Doug organized the whole thing brilliantly, and Tom LaFramboise made MAJOR contributions--we never would have made that float without him.

Here's the Happy Birthday/Homecoming crew. (Front row): Dave Linngren, Nancy
 Kabrick, Jane Miner, Dodie McGrann Brown, Nick Kass, Janet Hansen Moberg,
Susan Woodward Tracy, Conda Simons Williams, Arvid Frankenhoff.
(Back row):
 Larry Kellogg,  Doug Zamow, Lynn Bartron, Tom LaFramboise, Judi Cutler Hase,
Kathy Gamill Nichols, Susan Freeburg Kleine, JoAnn Peterson Charlton, Charlotte
Brogren McElhany, Dee Fiskvik Berg, Marlene Zander Rasmussen, Charlie Gauker,
 Jim Knudtson. 
(Photo by Kathy Biersheid)

The Class of '61 birthday cake.  (Left): Nancy Kabrick and
Deloris Fiskvik
Berg swear they don't feel a day over 17.
(Photo by Kathy Biersheid)

Homecoming Royalty reign again:  Dave, Lynn, and Jim.  (Photo by Kathy Biersheid)

Aren't those beautiful birthday candles?  In the background are Judi Cutler Hase,
 Dee Fiskvik Berg, and Arvid Frankenhoff. 
(Photo by Kathy Gamill Nichols)

The trusty driver of our beautiful float--Arvid Frankenhoff.
(Photo by Kathy Gamill Nichols)

(Front row): Nancy Kabrick, Charlotte Brogren McElhany, Janet Hansen Moberg,
 Jane Miner.
(Background): Susan Freeburg Kleine, Doug Zamow, Kathy Gamill Nichols.
(Photo by John Kleine)

And, of course, Susie Woodward Tracy needed our help to get dressed properly in the
 school's colors, a problem ignored by Nick Kass and Tom LaFramboise in the background.
(Photo by Kathy Gamill Nichols)

Susan Freeburg Kleine, Charlier Gauker, Judi Cutler Hase.
(Photo by John Kleine)

My apologies for the sun-glare, but can you believe it--Marlene Zander Rasmussen
 still has her Class of '61 ring, right around her neck!  In the background are
Susie Woodward Tracy and Tom LaFramboise.
 (Photo by Kathy Gamill Nichols)

No member of the Class of '61 escaped our eagle eyes.  Drafted right off the
street along the parade route were David McElhany and Lois Tesch Greenfield
(right of the candles) and Phyllis Heiser Hartwig (seated).  Another draftee yielding to
 public pressure
(not  pictured here) was Judy Turner Coyle.  (Photo by John Kleine)


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