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Mini-Reunion 2003

WHS Class of '61

Page 3.  Sunnyside Dinner

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Homecoming Float I
Homecoming Float II

Saturday night at Sunnyside. (Front row): Kathy Gamill Nichols, Larry Charlton,
 JoAnn Peterson Charlton. 
(Middle row): waitress, Dodie McGrann Brown,
 John Kleine, Susan Freeburg Kleine, Nancy Kabrick. 
(Back row):  Paul
Rassmussen, Jane Miner, Charlotte Brogren McElhany, Charlie Gauker.
(Photo by Susan Woodword Tracy)

Dardis Forsburg, Dexter Forsberg, and Susan Freeburg Kleine.  (Photo by John Kleine)

Many a laugh, past and present: Nick Kass, Jim Knudtson, Larry Kellogg.
(Photo by Susan Woodward Tracy)

Marlene Zander Rasmussen and hubby Paul.  (Photo by John Kleine)

Mellette Alumni:  (Front row):  Judi Cutler Hase, Charlie Gauker, Nancy Kabrick. 
(Back row):  Susan Woodward Tracy, Susan Freeburg Kleine, Jane Miner,
 Lynn Bartron, Dexter Forsberg. 
(Photo by Susan Woodward Tracy)

Mini-reunion co-organizer: Doug Zamow. That's
Marlene Zander Rasmussen in back left corner.
(Photo by Susan Woodward Tracy)

Leave it to Alan Rogers (center) to make ordering dinner at Sunnyside a BIG DEAL. 
To Alan's left is Lynn Bartron, right is Kathy Gamill Nichols.  Background table
includes Jerry Brown, Dexter Forsberg, and Marlene Zander Rasmussen.
(Photo by Susan Woodward Tracy)

Tom and Bobbie LaFramboise, our float-building hosts.
(Photo by Susan Woodward Tracy)

Doug Zamow, Jim Knudtson, Geri Rogers, Larry Kellogg, Judi Cutler Hase.
(Photo by Susan Woodward Tracy)

Dodie McGrann Brown and hubby Jerry.  (Photo by John Kleine)


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