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45th Reunion 2006

WHS Class of '61

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Here is Judi Cutler Hase's summary of the 45th Reunion held July 20-22, 2006 at--where else?--Watertown, SD:

On Thursday evening we met at the old Dairy Queen to reminisce and dine on the old high school delicacy--chili dogs--better known as Chilae La Pooch.  The Queen of the Dairies is just the same and was hopping with lots of classmates visiting and struggling not to spill chili all over themselves.  Although many classmates arrived with cameras, the duty of picture taking was officially turned over to Sue Woodward Tracy who was honored with the title of OCP:  Official Class Photographer.

Amongst the joy and laughter of the 45th was a very sad event  Peggy McGrann Bosch fell on her knee outside of the Ramkota on Friday morning and broke her knee cap in several places.  She was operated on in Watertown and was released from the hospital on Monday afternoon. Peg reports that she will be laid up for at least 8 weeks, then hopefully be able to begin physical therapy.

The excitement continued Friday night at the Prop where 79 people gathered to see who could outwit Eddie Laue in his memories of our youth.  We did miss Conda, but her son was a great host and we all enjoyed the "garlic hamburgers" and the many toasts to our young age.  The party  continued on til the wee hours of the morning in the hospitality room at the Ramkota.  There were tons of food and drink--and we sampled it all.

Saturday arrived with a few blurry eyes, but a bunch of us decided to travel down memory lane by visiting our old homes.  Mine was the last on the agenda;  I got bolder than the rest and knocked on my old back door.  David and Staci Eggan now live there and most graciously  invited me in to see the home of my youth.  When I got back into the car, I have to admit a few tears slid on down my face as I tried to tell the others about the most enjoyable memory I could ever begin to hope for.

At 4:00 we honored Barb and Ed Laue for their 40th anniversary.  The cake and decorations were great, but some of the gifts--including a huge viagra paperweight--brought  laughs and enjoyment.  We wish Eddie and Barb as many years of happy marriage as they can squeeze out of life.

The Saturday evening banquet was as one would expect--just plain perfect.  Doug, our chairman, offered sentimental greetings to us, I got to tell about being your CEO, Tim Sheil told wonderful and almost clean jokes while reporting on the great golf tournament, Tom LaFamboise amazed us with jokes and a mind memory teaser, and Marilyn Ward gave a presentation of Janice Brook's billfold that kept disappearing from her purse.  Bob Fleming was given a high chair to sit on which caused a huge roar of laughter, and Dodie McGrann gave the blessing and an extremely thoughtful message about the camaraderie that never leaves our class.   It was sad to know the reunion was ending, but we laughed at midnight when all the  63 year old classmates had to call it a night and get some sleep.

Thank you to all who helped put this reunion together.  Those of you who missed,   we missed you too.  We will begin planning for the 50th.  Please remain healthy so we can see you all again.

Your webmistress offers her apologies for some of the pictures below.  For some reason, the skin tones are all over the place and she couldn't fix all of them.  So view with charitable eyes--your classmates have much better complexions than some of the photos show! Enjoy your tour down memory lane.

Aren't reunions grand!  The happy group here are Doug Zamow,
Judy Turner Coyle, Dee Fiskvik Berg, and Dexter Forsberg.

Hearty welcomes by Charlie Gauker, Mike Davis, and David McElhaney.

Karolyn Fritz Skoglund and Linda Koenders Johnson.

Dave Linngren and Peg McGrann Bosch (before she fell and broke her kneecap
 in three places at the reunion.   Peg, Peg, Peg--that's not a good way
to celebrate seeing old classmates!  Wishing you a speedy recovery.)

Eddie Laue and Cathie Coplan Johnson.

Alan Rogers and Joann Peterson Charlton

Judi Cutler Hase and Barb Laue

Bob Fleming, Tim Sheil, and Gene Johnson.

Carol Bridge Halverson and Ardis Moyer Henning.

Susie Woodward Tracy and Rozanne Lange Winger.

Gene Voelsch and Bonnie Lawrence Voelsch.

Jane Miner and Mike Davis.

Front Row:  Dean Halajian and Rich Link.
Back Row:  Shirley Deke Cates and Larry Kellogg.


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